With so many brands popping up, buzz words & beauty trends it is difficult to know what is best suited for you & your skin.  One on one skin analysis is essential if you are feeling overwhelmed with your regimen but underwhelmed with your skin.  You will save time & money in the long run.

Skin consultations begin with a thorough assessment to determine your skins current needs along with analysis into lifestyle, recent changes, diet, hormones  emotional balance & more.  Jodi spends time with each client educating them about these influences, their skin, ingredients, products & regimens.  Together we will address your top concerns by creating a personalized regimen that fits for you.  The goal is to achieve your most beautiful self from the inside out by using the purest ingredients containing no fillers, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, harsh preservatives or practicing animal testing.


60 minutes  |  $120


Consultations are included for new clients booking sessions 75 minutes or longer.  In-Home Consultations will include a travel rate which varies depending on time to location.