ohmbiance facial therapy


Many factors influence such as lifestyle, diet, habits, environment, seasons & weather alter the performance of skin.  Since we are all unique each individual & different factor effect us in various ways, each will receive a tailored experience to their needs at that time.  The goal with every session is to bring balance & return skin to it's optimal functioning state.

If you are a new client, Ohmbiance Facial Therapies start by taking an in-depth look into how lifestyle, diet, habits & other internal/external influences that may have an effect on your wellbeing.  The hands-on portion is then customized with modalities, products & ingredients at best suite you. Skin is thoroughly cleansed & gently exfoliated.  Extractions are performed as needed & at my discretion.  Facial acupressure & muscle manipulation is incorporated to relieve tension & stimulate circulation.  Skin is remineralized, soothed & hydrated with custom masking & finishing products.  Treatments will also include lymphatic drainage, light neck/shoulder massage & may also include tension relieving arm & hand massage or grounding foot reflexology.  Choice of holistic-based advanced technologies such as Oxygen, LED, Microdermabrasion, High Frequency & Ultrasonic Exfoliation may be included.  Extended experiences allow more time for extractions, massage or use of multiple holistic-based advanced technical modalities. 


Online appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advanced. If you are looking to book within a 24 hour window or a same-day appointment, please email jodi@ohmbiance.com for availability.