In the treatment room, my passion is to deliver an overall relaxing, transformational experience. Though it is also as important for me that clients continue the care at home. It seems there are a constant (& overwhelming) flow of new brands popping up with ‘save-all’ ingredients to save everyone. It is literally impossible to know every single brand, which is why I pride myself in studying ingredients to be able to decipher formulations at a glance. Economically I cannot carry every single brand that I admire but I have been able to curate a wonderful collection of products available for home use. These brands have as much integrity as I do, they value the quality & effectiveness of their formulations with an understanding of the importance of the source of ingredients & overall impact on skin health.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! If you need assistance planning a home regimen I recommend scheduling either a Holistic Skin Guidance appointment or Ohmbiance Facial Therapy.



In order to ensure you are receiving the best products for your skin, you must be an existing client of Ohmbiance to purchase products.