Jodi James

Jodi believes in a holistic approach to skincare.  By considering the underlying causes for imbalance she works to strengthen the skin while focusing on the entire self.  She utilizes advanced non-invasive technologies combined with ancient-inspired healing techniques to focus on returning skin to its most natural state. 

Jodi currently resides in Los Angeles, though was born & raised on her family farm in Montana.  Having grown up submerged in nature, being barefoot frequently, interacting with animals & later moving to a concrete jungle she understands the importance of taking the time to check in & reconnect with oneself.  Practicing self-nurturing rituals is essential for internal balance when existing in a place that demands so much of you.  

Knowledge is a continuous journey.  Jodi is constantly seeking new insight by attending trade shows, advanced education workshops, studying under & collaborating with other estheticians & wellness industry professionals.  Striving to stay well versed & up to date with ingredients, products, techniques & technologies.  Jodi is currently licensed in California & Montana, while studying to gain international CIDESCO licensing.


Jodi started out with her experience in destination spa.  In this environment, Jodi had the opportunity to develop the art of luxury by creating an environment that delivers guests complete submersion of escape & tranquility.  Having this mindfulness it brought awareness of how even the most subtle motion can alter guest experience.  Wanting to develop more of a relationship with clients, Jodi then transitioned to local spas that had more of a clinical environment.  She studied different technologies, modalities & was inspired by the importance of ingredient sourcing & composition.  

Naturally Jodi has come across many different skincare products & brands throughout her career.  Unfortunately, she discovered many companies formulate their products with ingredients known to be harmful to our bodies.  Not only this, but also the use of manipulative marketing strategies to deceive the innocent consumer that companies use products with ingredients that are clean, organic, natural, etc.  With this revelation, it really inspired Jodi to take time to study ingredients more in depth & know the sourcing so that she has the knowledge & ability to mentor her clients on the importance of clean skin care & a non-toxic lifestyle.  While also balancing internal & external influences that may be affecting her clients skin.


Ohmbiance came about with the understanding that in order for anyone to achieve their most beautiful self... mind, body & spirit must all be in harmony.  Every aspect of our existence is connected.  Which influences our state of being & ultimately our skin.  Whether it's ingredients in our products or food, air & water quality, fabrics we drape our bodies/fill our home with or even people we surround ourselves with, emotions we suppress or foster...  Every part of our lives has an impact.

ohm |  sacred mantra  |  sound of complete unity  |  universe coming together for a divine purpose
ambiance  |  character or atmosphere of a place  |  overall experience

Together, Ohmbiance embodies a delightful synergy and unity.  All aspects of your life coming together for the fulfillment of your experience & well being.