BOTNIA skincare

We love your skin. It’s a simple statement, and it cuts to the core of how we formulate our products for you.  Every ingredient that we use is carefully chosen to illuminate your natural beauty.  By harnessing the nourishing power of plants, our products repair & soothe, nurturing the long-term health of your body’s largest organ.

Over the many years of working with you, our beloved clients, we have witnessed firsthand how organic, natural botanicals & extracts can dramatically improve your skin’s health.  This experience is why we take great care to source the highest quality ingredients as locally as possible.  We grow many of our own plants and build relationships with farmers and suppliers.  Each product is hand-crafted in our lab in Sausalito, CA, so you can trust that your skincare is designed for your skin’s health from start to finish.

We believe that effective, healthy skincare should be accessible to everyone.  We want it to be simple and exciting to choose your personalized collection of products.  Our formulations are few in ingredients, and they pack the punch you are looking for.  Build your own skincare ritual or connect with one of our spas to get professional input.  Either way, we firmly believe that Botnia will suit your unique needs and leave your skin feeling great every day.

You spend time and energy thinking about what to put in and on your body because you care deeply about your health.  We’re excited to help make that process more simple for you.









         SERUM  &  EYE CREAM








In order to ensure you are receiving the best products for your skin, you must be an existing client of Ohmbiance to purchase products.